Monday, July 21, 2008

Links-- Journey through the Hereafter.

Here are the links to the video I was mentioning in the earlier post. May Allah (SWT) reward this brother and protect us all from the Hellfire, and punishment in the grave.

Living for Here or the Hereafter?

I remember when I accepted Islam one of the things that I found so appealing was the accountability factor. That we as Muslims are going to be held responsible for our actions (we as is everyone when they stand before Allah (SWT)). That being said, it should guarantee that we as Muslims live according to the command of Allah (SWT) maintaining a society that is free of corruption, hatred, and wrongdoing. After all wouldn't the fear of the punishment of Allah (SWT) and the fear of hellfire cause us to monitor our actions in such a manner?
Of course, we as Muslims know that it is only by the mercy of Allah (SWT) that we will enter paradise, however we must strive to follow the commands of our creator. For example prayer-- we know it is obligatory on us so much so that it is narrated that those who abandon the prayer are outside the fold of Islam. We must also uphold the other four pillars. Most importantly, not to commit shirk (associate any partners with Allah (SWT). This as a topic alone could be discussed for many posts so I will just briefly encourage everyone to think about what they "worship" in life. Because shirk isn't just worshiping Jesus or Buddha. If we worship money, fame, love of this world that is idol worship--- it is worshiping other than Allah (SWT).
But back to my original thoughts for this post-- Until recently I don't think I had a full understanding of the fear Allah (SWT) is deserving of. Of the true manner that we as Muslims should be acting in, the true conciousness that we should have of our religion. I think there is a mentality at times that "I am Muslim" so we possibly forget the manner which Allah (SWT) and our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW) have instructed and then modelled the way we should live. I think at times we put such a focus on this life that we neglect to consider how it will impact our hereafter. We don't pray at the Mosque cause it is too difficult but we forget that one of the people who will be shaded on the day of judgement is the one whose heart is tied to the mosque. Comments are uttered such as "it is only sunnah" forgetting that it is the Quran and the Sunnah that we follow. And that we will be told to follow our Imam on the day of judgement and that our Imam should be Rasoolulah (SAW). How do we follow him (SAW)? By upholding his sunnah, by practicing what he instructed.
Maybe my point isn't as clear as I had hoped it to be, but I fear that we often forget the trials of hereafter and that Muhammad (SAW) who was guaranteed paradise used to seek refuge from Allah (SWT) from its punishment. Who are we in this religion, and are we living with the same fear?
The recent Journey of Faith conference, helped us to rediscover our love of the Prophet (SAW). Now I encourage us all to rediscover our fear of Allah and punishment in the grave and in the Hereafter. What has possibly been the most effective in helping me do this recently was the 12 part series by Brother Tafique Chowdhury on the Hereafter. I will try to post the videos on my site but if I am unable the please watch these. "Journey through the Hereafter" parts 1-12 on Google Video. Insha'Allah it will change the way you practice your faith as a Muslim, and insha'Allah it will guide non-Muslims to faith in our beloved creator, the one True God, and the knowledge that Muhammad (SAW) is his final messenger.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Conference!!

The conference on the weekend was amazing subhan'Allah. May Allah (SWT) reward all of the speakers, planners, volunteers etc for what seemed to be a seamless conference except for the fire(?) alarm that went off on the second day.
I have learned so much, and been completely saturated with profound though. Insha'Allah (God willing) I will be able to apply it to my life.
Insha'Allah I will write some thoughts about what I have learned, what inspired me etc. in the next day or so, but I just wanted to acknowledge the latest comment--
To Faithfulwonder-- I thank Allah (SWT) that you came to the conference and came across my blog. I would encourage you to read some of my first posts about my search/experience when I first found Islam if you thought it would be of benefit. Also, if I can be of any assistance to answer any questions (or help you seek answers to any questions from the right sources) please don't hesitate to let me know.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Journey of Faith Conference

Just a reminder about the conference this weekend. They have just posted information about where some of the speakers will be on Friday for Jumah and for free lectures in the evening. Insha'Allah it is worth checking out. The confirmed speakers have also been posted on the website as has a tentative schedule. check it out.