Thursday, August 03, 2006

için benim Türk aile.

mabut -ecek biz -ecek dua etmek burada biraraya, I ham dolsun Allah için benim üç kız kardeş


Anonymous said...

Esselam Aleykum, Dear Sister Sümeyye, Thank you so much for your special message.İnşaallah we will be together in İstanbul.We are waiting that days with excitement.The future will be so good inşaallah. Allah'a emanet ol. Selam ve sevgiler... Elif

sister said...

Sorry to post like this, but a sister needs your help in her hour of trial and i wanted to spread the word. If you can please do so, be it just making Du'a.

her bank account info

Bank of Nova Scotia
Account Name: Cheryfa MacAulay Jamal
Account No: 50062 01343 84
Branch: 35832 (Erin Mills Town Centre, MISS. ONT. Canada)
Swift Code: NOSCCATT

Jazakum Allahu Khyran

may Allah accept from us.