Monday, April 23, 2007

Hijab Day??

One of the sister's in the community sent me this to see what I thought. I am curious to know what you all think about it. Please post your feedback, I would like to have some thoughtful discussion about it insha'Allah.


inshaAllaah said...

Assalamu'alaikum, well I can't really say it looks like trouble. We had one of these 'try hijab' stalls at Goldsmiths uni (UK, London- turned out to be very popular, took pictures of people in their hijabs and then emailed it to them. but thats coming from a muslim perspective, I mean with that we had the chance to give out a whole lot of hijab information, and converse with them about Islam in general. But then again, whose to say that sisters cant turn up at this non-muslim event (equipped with hijab literature and knowledge) and do the same kinda thing? make the most out of the opportunity I say

Anonymous said...

I heard of this a little while ago, but since you did'nt mention it Im assuming you haven't heard what some people did to the door of the proffesor who started it. Heres the link if you want to read about it.

Manaar said...

I just checked out the article, and that really shocked me. I thought Canadian universities were Muslim-friendly, but sadly that isn't the case.

Subhanallah sister, I was just reading through your blog and I never knew it was hard for revert sisters to find Muslim buddies. It's such a shame sis, cos here in london, If your a revert (male or female) you'll most probably have a huge group of people surrounding you, right after you take your shahada. It's a shame the muslim community isn't taking care of u sisters the way they should be, well if u can't find a study buddy, know that i'm more than happy to be ur study buddy, don't worry the distance won't be a problem, we can exchange notes on the islamic lessons we go to inshalah. I'm being a bit enthusiastic, but I hate to see sisters being treated the way you are being treated.

Salamu alaykum