Sunday, March 09, 2008

Articles Against Islam

Assalam Alaikum

I was reading about various Qur'ans the other day, looking for various English interpretations to compare and contrast to one another and to find one that would hold true to the meaning of the Qur'an while be easily understood by recent reverts who seek truth and understanding (and Allah knows best about their Iman and desire of course.) While I stumbled across a translation by a Laleh Bakhtair. For those of you who don't know she is a woman who has "translated" the Qur'an, but as she says "from a women's perspective". I challenge all of us to think about that statement and what it means. Including the word "perspective" in any document that in its true form is to be (and is) unchanged should give us all that we need to know about this woman's "translation". Not to mention that her disapproval of various verses in the Qur'an had her change the meaning to something that "she felt was more befitting the true meaning"....

I only mention it so nobody buys the translation. I know myself when I first accepted Islam, I never checked out anything about the translator of the Quran I was reading--
I also read that she was being honored as a guest speaker for various events held by "Muslim" organizations. This is why the disclaimers atop of those organization's publications they circulate, stating they don't necessarily agree with the views presented in the article mean nothing to me.

Related to that, a reader of the blog has asked me to post some of the articles that I have been circulating so they too can read them. I must admit I had considered it earlier but decided against it on the basis that we as Muslims are not supposed to support, or spread anything that is contrary to the message of Islam, and the Prophet Mohammad (SAW). Although I have stated my opinions about the articles and inshallah those who read the articles would think the same, as I mentioned before there is this "subtle wave" sweeping across the West trying to change what Islam is. I fear that in posting the articles I would be placing myself in a position where I could deserve Allah (SWT)'s punishment if even one person changed their thinking against the true Islam... the ONE Islam. I am totally up for discussion about this if people have differing opinions about it, or think it would be of benefit to post the articles if you can explain why and how it would be supported in the religion. Please feel free to post a comment and let me know. But the key word here is BENEFIT, and inshallah i wont post anything contrary to the teachings of Islam.


Ihssan said...

Asaalamu Alaikum,
The only thing that I am thinking of right now is what qualifications must this woman have. Its quite obvious that not just anyone can translate Quranic text. For the sake of Allah Arabs dont even speak in that dialect any longer!

Anonymous said...

I was following your discussion about whether one should pass on information that wrongs Islam in some shape or form. I think that Allah (SWT) encourages us to seek knowledge. Yes, there is knowledge about our religion through which we should try to better ourselves, but there is knowledge of dunya which we inevitably have to seek in order to become 'functionable' in this society. When you don't post some of these articles, aren't you kind of assuming that your readers don't have the intellectual capacity to distinguish right from wrong, or that we are easily persuaded because of our weakness? This is merely an opinion. I think we should read as broadly as possible, and even if something is condemning Islam, we should know about it and be aware in order to fight the right way. I am following a very important debate right now that has been started by four very active Muslim Law students. This debate had been sparked by an article that was published in Maclean's Magazine, which basically states that we should be aware of Muslims because they are taking over the world as they multiply like insects etc. The students have held interviews which are aired on CBC radio:
(look for the march 9th program on freedom of speech)
and also recently a station in New York: (look for Writing a Wrong)
I am glad that this article is being circulated and exposed. Not because of what it says about Muslims and Islam, but because it makes us realize that by blocking our ears and turning the other way (which is what I gathered from your argument) we are participating in this horrifying war again our Deen.
I hope you will be able to listen these interviews; these students need all the support they can get!

Anonymous said...

Salaam alaykum.

I think it is important to first note that to be hesitant to expose things that are contrary to Islam appears to be a sentiment from someone whose heart is inshaAllah full of taqwa, rather than from a person who is assuming that people lack intellectual capacity. May Allah SWT ever-increase our fear of Him.

Of course, the proliferation of spreading misconceptions of Islam is largely what has led people to believe these conceptions. Pertinently, internet blogs are read by those well-versed with Islam, who inshaAllah possess the capacity to discern accuracies and inaccuracies, and also by those who are not. So, if a Muslim is going to present information contrary to Islam, it seems there is an onus upon them to qualify what is the wrong and what would be right in its place. Otherwise, if someone was to encounter this information and misinterpret it (even if they do not take the information at face value, they could certainly draw inaccurate inferences/conclusions) the Muslim would be held responsible for furthering this falsification of Truth.

The post above also stated that it is important to be aware of misconceptions in order to effectively retaliate them. I am sure that the blogger would agree with you, however, to reiterate, it seems that it is the manner in which misconceptions are presented (as mere assertions of statements that falsify Truth) that lead her to have reservations about doing so.

For the blogger (to inshaAllah offer you a perspective) there are many instances in the Qur'an where Allah SWT has mentioned ways that people have denounced and defamed Islam, and acted in ways anti-thetical to the religion (e.g. idol-worship, etc). Allah SWT has mentioned these things in order to point out what is wrong, so as to make clear what is right. InshaAllah if we do the same, (very carefully, and may Allah SWT reward you for being so cautious), then we could be helping to eradicate falsehoods and confirm Truth.

Anonymous said...

In my last paragraph, when I wrote "so as to make clear what is right" I meant that Allah SWT explicitly iterates that something is wrong or right, not leaving it to be inferred from or implied in the mere mention of some unIslamic practice. This is an obvious but key point.