Monday, July 13, 2009

Website Review- Hoor Al Ayn

Asalam Alaikum
Here is a fantastic website definitely worth checking out and adding to your favorites. It is full of great lectures and media by credible individuals. Books, nasheeds sans music, Qur'an, Arabic language programs... Covers a variety of topics, is well organized, and certainly encourages the sound pursuit of knowledge.
It is called Hoor-al-Ayn (I can imagine the eye rolls from all of the sisters right Truly it is a great site though. Below is the web address which I will try to make a link, but no promises as I am technologically inept. Check it out!

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Nazrul said...

Assalamu A'laikum sister

Wonderful site indeed.So much resources are there!

Jazakumullahu Khair for posting the link.

Ma as salam