Thursday, August 13, 2009

Daily Ibadah Chart

Here is the daily ibadah chart that I created for a guideline for all of us to follow for our daily acts of worship. Insha'Allah it will be of benefit to us all. Until I can figure out how to upload the excel spreadsheet onto the site this will have to suffice (blogger allows images and videos to be uploaded but I cant figure out documents--- advice is welcomed.) Please copy and paste it into your own word doc. and then print it off so you can regularly check off that which you do and see where you need to improve. May Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta'ala) make us among those who are sincere in our acts of worship, doing them for His sake alone, and filling our time with them instead of that which is wasteful. Also, remember the purpose of a chart is accountability and to help establish habits. The Prophet (Sallahu Allahi was Salam) said: "The best deeds are continuous ones, even if little..." Muslim and "The most beloved deeds to Allah are those which are regularly done even if they are little" Bukhari.

Awoke for Fajr on Time, prayed with Sunnah
Made a.m. Dhikr and Recitation based on Sunnah
Read Quran after Fajr
Prayed all Fardh on time (early as possible)
Prayed all 12 Rakah of Sunnah
Made reccomended Dhikr after every prayer
Prayed Fardh in Mosque (Males)
Prayed Salat Ul-Dhuha
Made recommended evening dua
Read Surah Mulk before sleep (in Arabic)
Read 2:285-286 before sleep (in Arabic)
Went to Sleep in a state of Wudu
Recited recommended dhikr/dua before sleep
Prayed Witr Prayer
Made Recommended Dua after Witr
Prayed at least 2 Rakah of Tahajjud Prayer
Maintained state of Wudu throughout day
Went to sleep w/out ill feelings towards Muslims
Made use of times when Dua are accepted
Made Dua for Parents
Made Dua for the Muslim Ummah
Made Dua for the Prophet (PBUH)
Asked for Jannah and Refuge from Jahanam x3
Made Tawbah and Istighfaar 100 times
Fasted Mon and Thurs or 13, 14, 15
Did not waste my time
Attempted to Increase my knowledge
Read at least one page of the Quran
Tried to memorize at least one Ayat
Read one new Hadith and its meaning
Read the Tafsir of one verse of Quran
Did not lie
Did not Backbite or Slander
Commanded good and Forbade Evil
Did an act of Sadaqah
Deed a deed between me and Allah alone
Didn't do anything I wasn't sure was permissible
Reviewed the Surahs I have memorized
Told a non-Muslim about Islam
Read Surah Kahf
Prayed Jumah at earliest time and best gathering
Made Ghusl and Wore Best Clothes
Pondered about Khutbah
Made Dua for the Prophet (PBUH)
Used last hour on Friday for Dua
Chart modified from Al Kauthar Checklist and Al Huda Ibadah Chart.

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hoxzle said...

this chart is actually really cool. yeah. thanks for this.

i've been an average-joe Muslim for a while now, and when you do that you always end up getting ripped off cause well, nothing is worthy of our worship 'cept Allah.

this is a good sort of.. checklist.. to help us improve. so yeah, thank u!