Thursday, November 05, 2009

Home Schooling--

My husband and I decided long ago that homeschooling was the option that we wanted to take with our children if Allah facilitated it for us. Now that our first child is at the stage "continuous curiosity" so-to-speak I figured it was time to establish a more structured program and decide how I was going to go about this endeavor. I've met some amazing Muslimas who do an incredible job homeschooling their kids however, they have either gone overseas, or I never had the chance to really discuss what curriculum and tools they use.
I have been looking online for an Islamic based curriculum and lesson plans to either use or suppliment but have really only come across the IQRA curriculum (which I have since ordered) and blogs written by other Muslim homeschooling moms. So, I am sending out a request, if any of you are avid homeschoolers or know of any families that are, could you please put them in touch with me so I can get some more information and learn from their expertise insha'Allah. I should mention that I am also very much a fan of the Montessori method of teaching from what I see thus far, so any good Montessori sites or books would also be of benefit insha'Allah. I should mention you don't have to be a homeschooler yourself, but a teacher or teacher at an Islamic school etc. Any help is welcomed.
May Allah give us the ability to raise our children on the true path of Islam and give us the patience and ability to impart knowledge on them in the best and most Islamic way.


Anonymous said...

Salamo Alaikom my dear sister!
It's Nichole - the teacher! :)
I teach older grades, however anything pertaining to the laws of Ontario can be found here:

If you click on "by grade" it has PDF documents of the curriculum for each grade (even kindergarten) so you can follow it term by term. This way if she ever goes to regular school, or post-secondary she will be allowed it and familiar with what she'd be tested on for entry. You can weave Islam into that inshAllah.

If you have ANY questions just call me, you know I will help. It takes a lot of patience and real "smarts" to homeschool, good luck, and I am very proud of you! You're an awesome mom!

Your sister,

UmmAsad said...

assalamu alaikum Sister,

I've been home educating my children for the past 8 years, masha'allah. My method has always been to choose one book for each subject that I want to cover, then stick with that! Sometimes we get overwhelmed looking at all of the options. But, if you have a chance to see books before choosing, that is best.

Some of my friends use ad-duha's books for Islamic studies.

When we were in the UK, I taught at a weekend Islamic school, so got to see many, many books on the subject. In the end, sometimes you might find that it is easier to search on the internet and print out things. One website that I use is


SuzanneNoor said...

May Allah SWT help you in your effort to home-school! It's not easy and I respect anyone who tries it. I also ask that Allah SWT make your child one who is open to learning with a calm disposition... that can certainly make a lot of difference too :)
Selaam aleykum wa Rahmatullah

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to give you the link of an USA based islamic website