Monday, January 29, 2007

Following up...trying to follow my religion.

Alhamdulillah many people have responded to the posts about "Little Mosque on the Prairie." I will start with a short response to some of the things that have been posted in response.

Firstly, Alhamdulillah to the brother/sister who found the contact information to the show and wrote a letter to them. Insha'Allah I will do the same. Whether they respond or not, it is our duty to stand strong and pround in our religion. Thank you for sending the information.

The Maniac Muslim website address that got posted is great... I have had other sisters here in this community check it out and they have been enjoying it as well.

One thing that I think is so important to say... and it has been said by some of the comments that were posted is that it is not okay to "compromise" in our religion in any area. The Qur'an doesn't say follow the religion when it is convienient for you, when it is easy for you. We know as Muslims that people with criticize us and critique us... it is hard, but our reward is not on this earth.
To say that I wear the clothes that I do to make others comfortable... are you pleasing others or Allah?
We as Muslims need to be careful in our words and actions. If we wear clothing that may be deemed as unIslamic, then we need to acknowledge that it is our own insecurities in looking different, or our personal weakness that causes us to do that and not justify it by trying to please others. Is it okay then to say we can take off hijab because it will make someone feel more comfortable and draw nearer to a Muslim and learn what Islam is about? I pray to Allah that it would never be something we consider. Because if we are doing things to please others or even ourselves, then we are not doing things to please Allah and that is very dangerous.
Stay true to what the Qur'an says follow it as closely as can, be proud to walk, talk, breathe, and look like a Muslim. Never compromise-- it is not okay. Just as Allah draws close to those who draw close to him, if you do not seek Him, and give HIm your best, why would you expect He give it to you.

Little Mosque on the Prairie does not represent what the True Islam should look like. We should not be making excuses for it, or thinking it is okay.

Now-- on to my other thoughts for the day.
We all have personal stuggles in our lives. Alhamdulillah we can turn to Allah (SWT) and seek is mercy, forgiveness and strength.
I learned an important lesson today. There has been an area of my life that I strugglle with on a day to day basis. I constantly feel as though I fall short, and am inadequate in this area... I was discussing about going to talk about it with my local Imam and see what insight he could offer me. My husband, who Alhamdulillah is often a voice of reason in my life, and who mesh'Allah has strength and wisdom far beyond me asked me if I went to the Shaikh, what I would be expecting.
I told him that insha'Allah he would offer me hadith or wisdom to show me my wrongs, and help me to be a stronger and better muslima. My husband was able to then point out the origin of my weakness... That I am not reading and studying enough. If I were spending time reading and studying my religion then the answers I was seeking from the Shaikh would insha'Allah aleady be mine.
If I could focus more on my religion and dedicate myself to my learning then insha'Allah Allah (SWT) would draw closer to me, I would get reward, and the wisdom I would gain would help prevent me from the errors I seem to repeatedly make.

It was such a good reminder that the answers to our problems are in Islam. If we let our faith guide us in all areas, then we will know what to do, how to handle ourselves and we will be strong to withstand temptation. The answers we need are found in Islam... but do we take the time to make sure we find them?


Anonymous said...

I saw you on t.v last week!!! And the most suprising part was that I recognised you via what you were saying, and how it was similar to stuff that you mentioned in your blog, more than how you looked!!! (I've seen you at the MSA conference last year and at the masjid once, havent introduce my self though... Insha Allah I will try the next time I see you.) Please confirm that it was you, I caught the ending and you were talking about converting and people seeing you as a convert or wondering why you converted, if I remmeber correctly (Im doubting myself that it was actually you now for some reason).

p.s. I thought you might enjoy the site (the maniac muslim one).
p.s.s Keep writing and I'll keep reading...

may14muslima said...

Alhamdulillah I am representing myself consistantly. Yes sister that was me on TV. I did two interviews. One about my conversion, the other about women in Islam. Insha'Allah they will be a tool in leading others to Islam.

If you see me at a conference introduce yourself insha'Allah.


Anonymous said...

Salam Aleykom,
I am the person who had a comment about “it is being okay to sacrifice a little”. I think you all have misinterpreted my comment (may be I was not clear enough). Did I ever say compromise? And no these two words are not similar. Let me give you an example: we have different interpretations of Hijab by Muslims. And I do not include the ones who do not wear it at all. But depending on what culture you are from you may think long abaya or Vail is what Hijab means or you may think covering hair and wearing loose clothing is good enough to be known as a Muslima who is trying to have a complete Hijab. For instance myself; back home I used to wear long abaya since it was the norm of the society. Did I have a complete Hijab according to Quran? Yes. Here in Canada since there is a different culture and people may be confused by what I am practicing or how I am doing it, I have chosen a different (still a Hijab acceptable by Quran) wearing of Hijab. Do I have a complete Hijab? According to the standards of many practicing Muslims: Yes.
Do not take me wrong; I am not doing this because I am choosing west over Allah!; I have decided to be less different (but still according to Quran) for my own reasons such as: not being noticed as much by my coworkers. I do not prescribe this to anybody as everyone is responsible for their own actions and something different may work for them. Now, this meaning a "little sacrifice" , does not hurt Islam or Muslims. Agree?
And please let’s not judge each other and think the best in people. Harsh comments like the ones I saw in the last posts are not how we are supposed to show the beauty of Islam. We do not need to try hard to show Islam either. Just try to be a good Muslim/Muslima and the beauty of it will attract others.
Dear Jenny, Your husband has pointed out to a very important matter and that is to stop feeling like you are doing less and concentrate on tons of good effects that you have brought to your life by converting to Islam. You deserve it. You can not evolve in one night. Evolvement of human being takes days/months/years. As soon as you stop worrying, you will be surrounded by teachings of Islam and Quran.