Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Small History Lesson...

A brother recently posted a comment full of interesting comments from the Catholic church that are worth reading. I was also recently in a conversation with someone about the movie/book The Da Vinci Code and all I could think about was how this video by brother Abduraheem Green is something that people need to watch.

It is called Passion of Isa (Jesus) and can be found on You Tube (Search Abdur Raheem Green-Passion of Isa) there are six parts and all six are absolutely worth watching... may Allah be pleased with him insha'Allah. And if you haven't already check out his website-- (link on the side) Meshallah I have learned a lot from this brother.

In Islam...


Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum sister Jenny,

At last, I was able to read my three comments on your post "Where has the time gone?? New family, Turkey, and Umrah... ".

I also read your response and a response from another reader.

I thank you for your kind words, and I also thank you for posting this post of 9/30/2007 and mentioning my comment about certain admissions from the Catholic Church.

With Catholics, it's easy to use one version of the Bible when you want to have a dialog with them. It's called the New American Bible, and it's found online on the official Vatican website.

With Protestants, however, it's a bit more complicated. There are many versions of the Bible used by Protestants. I'm not sure which one your Protestant family members use, but I expect it to be the King James Version.

I would be grateful if you could tell me which version your family uses, since I believe there are certain footnotes found in certain versions of the Bible that will -God willing- have an impact on your family and make them really think about the source of the Bible.

Thanks again.


a brother in Islam

Wassalamu Alaikum

Anonymous said...

And thanks for mentioning the "Passion of Isa (Jesus)" lecture by Abdur Raheem Green. I learned a lot from this lecture.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jenny

I recently started reading your blog and I must tell you how inspired and happy I am about your journey into Islam. Reading your enteries and seeing Islam through your eyes sheds a new light on my way of perceiving my religion and it confirms to me how blessed we are to be Muslims in this world. You have such insightful remarks on this religion and I know exactly how you feel (I am really curious, how old are you sister!) I am not a convert myself but I was born and raised in Canada. Elhamdulillah my parents kept the religion in the home, but as you can imagine, trying to integrate with the Western culture and, at the same time, keep my cultural and religious values was a bit difficult. But reading your enteries has been a great comfort to me and I truly congratulate you.
I was interested in the Islamic fashion company for which you were doing some work. How is that going? I have a sister who was also interested in venturing into such a business (she also designs) but the problem was space and money. Does your friend need any employers? I just thought I’d run it by you. Also, have you managed to find a community in Toronto? Whereabouts do you live? I know of a few centers downtown and in the GTA. Let me know if I can be of some help. Finally, are you planning to attend the Islamic Convention this year in Toronto? I believe the dates are December 28 to the 30th. I can send you the website if you like. I’ve been going there for a few years now and I found it to be such a rewarding experience elhamdulillah. Such inspiring speakers, great events for the families, and a way to connect with our brothers and sisters. It would also be lovely to meet you in person and thank you for what you have made me feel about my life as a Muslim and as a woman living and working in Canada.
I look forward to reading more of your enteries. When are you due by the way? Have you thought of any names? I do love your own name mashallah: Summaya. Did you pick that out?
Jazaki allah alf khair sister. You really do rock!
Yours in Islam and sisterhood,

may14muslima said...

Assalam Alaikum Sister Leila,

Thank you for your kind post, but really all credit is due to Allah (SWT). Alhamdulillah He has blessed me with Islam and continues to show me areas that are important in learning. All I can do is pray that my work is sincere for Him and displays a perspective that is true to our religion and the deen. I am grateful for your encouragement and I pray that I will continue to be able to serve in a way that is helpful to you Leila.

As for all of the rest of the comments. I have kind of put my involvement with Anja (the clothing designer) on hold because of the pregnancy and driving etc, as she lives a little ways outside of the GTA, but at that time she was looking for people to employ and also venues to distribute her merch. I would suggest your friend contact her via the website.

I believe you are referring to the conference "reviving the Islamic spirit". It has come up a lot in conversation with me and some sisters. I think that I will likely drop by to check it out and see what I think-- form an opinion for myself as I have heard so many mixed reviews. Regardless I would love to have a chance to meet another sister, so please inshallah lets get together when you are here. By that time I will be just a couple of weeks away from having the baby inshallah.

May Allah (SWT) keep you strong in your faith sister. May He guide us all and keep us on the right path... Ameen.