Saturday, October 20, 2007

Is This Political??

As a general rule I try to avoid anything on the blog that is too political or controversial as I don't want to create argument with anyone, and because I don't know just who all of my audience is. However I heard a story recently from a friend of mine that i thought really needed to be brought to the attention of the greater poplulation-- A story that needs to be heard instead of silenced in the hopes that it will open the eyes of just a few to realizing that "things aren't always as they seem".

Being a convert, I am well aware of the stigmas attached to Muslims (as really I am sure most Muslims are). But I certainly heard them first hand from my family and friends as they expressed their worries about "this religion I was entering into to". All of the typical things we all know to well-- ideas that have been portrayed all to "biasedly" in the news until it all becomes truth to the greater portion of North America. So suddenly the entire religion of Islam is linked to acts of terrorism and evil etc. Yes we all are too familiar with it I am sure.
So this justifies the superpowers, mainly the US sending in the troops to "save" the people, bring safety, organized government and help to all of these countries that obviously can't get it together themselves. (This is to be read sarcastically of course.)

Well the following is a story of the "help" the American soldiers were to those citizens... I know some sisters from the community I used to live in, who recently moved to Canada from Iraq. Recently their father went back to visit family and while there was in a van with other Muslims while they drove up on a road block of American Soldiers. Knowing they couldn't get through they chose to turn around and take a different route. While turning the soldiers opened fire on their vehicle. Having no weapons and no reason to flee they stopped got out to show empty and raised hands, while the soldiers kept firing. My friends' father was shot as was another man (Allah forgive me if I am wrong about that). There were also women in the vehicle that ran out to help the brother now laying on the ground in blood as the soldiers still fired their weapons. After eventually ceasing, they walked over-- and ON TOP of this man now laying on the ground as he is bleeding to not ask but reach into the pockets of these people to get their CANADIAN passports. Seeing that they were Canadian, the passports were thrown to the ground (he has the blood stained pages to prove it), and then dismissed.
Everyone is rallied back into the vehicle and driven to the "hospital" where my friends' father was opened from neck to navel and then given antibiotics that were four years expired, and wounds dressed and attached with "packing tape" as there were no supplies and no proper medical services.

I heard this story and all I could think was "wow-- good thing the soldiers are going to these countries to create peace, bring supplies and safety and "get the bad guys", what ever would we do without their help."
What an epic display of heroism--- Where was that story on the 6-o clock news?


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Just a few changes, it was a car, not a van, there were two older men and three young women under 20 years of age. Mohammed our friend was the only one who was canadian. The seat belts caught on fire and thats why they stopped to get out after being shot at. The canadian govt did nothing for this man to bring him to safety. one question, whats the name of the movie and site where i can watch it? miss ya.

Anonymous said...

Salam to you sister Jenny,
We spoke a few months ago about potentially meeting up at the Muslim Convention in Toronto next month. I hope you still plan on coming inshallah. My husband and I will drop by for a part of it. Let me know what day between the 28th and 30th works best for you and inshallah I will be there. Perhaps we can plan to meet at one of the lectures? Any suggestions? We miss your blogs, inshallah all is well with you.

Anonymous said...

sorry for writing my previous message on your really is so public isn't it! but I don't have any other way of reaching you.