Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A New Approach...

I find that people are constantly trying to find a reason and rationalize in their minds why I would/could convert. Recently I had someone I know come up to me and tell me that "they knew why I had converted to Islam... "
I thought "oh well then, please tell me" (I guess the explanation I had provided about my finding truth, answers, historical evidences, and peace wasn't valid enough.)
This person went on to tell me "That I had converted because I had been going to the wrong church and that I didn't have 'good' Christians in my life that were showing me the love of God. Truly if I had people in my life to encourage me in my Christian faith that I never would have converted."
I tried to explain that my brother is probably one of the STRONGEST most practicing Christians I know. He lives and is directed by faith, and it is beautiful. That I have very powerful strong Christian influences in my life but it wasn't about the people for me. It is about the faith. The questions I had about the faith weren't answered by the actions of those around me, they were answered by my own personal search, by reading and understanding what Islam is and believes.
For some reason this person didn't seem convinced. They insisted that if I went to Church with them and spent some time with some good Christians that I would change my mind....

It has got me thinking... I guess there is something wrong with the way I have been explaining the reasons I converted. Obviously the answers I have provided haven't been convincing enough to justify the change in my faith.
So... I have decided to try a different approach.

- Reduction in the chance of skin cancer (being more fully-clothed means fewer sunburns.

-I save time getting ready in the morning. No need to worry about styling my hair when I throw on my hijab.

-HUGE reduction in the cost of hair-dye as I don't have to keep up with the latest hairstyles and colours.

-If I spill something on my shirt while eating breakfast I can just use my hijab to cover the spot... nobody will ever know.

-Looser clothing means I don't have to worry about those days that I am feeling bloated (gotta love being a woman!)

-Look at all of the money I save avoiding the latest clothing trends.

-All humour aside... I am no longer objectified by what I wear and the way I look because my modest attire protects me from that.

Really, all of these things considered, who wouldn't want to convert?? Yup, I think this should definitely be my "New Approach." Seems less likely I would have some of the arguments and feedback I seem to be getting.


hoxzle said...

assalamualaykum sister. there's this video by Yasir Qadhi that gives really good advice on giving good and effective "come backs". well the topic is actually 'Debunking the Male Bias Myth', but within it theres REALLY REALLY good advice, and since ur in the spotlight where everyone wants to ask u things and whatnot, i think this video might benifit you, inshAllah. ur probably busy and stuff, but whenever ur free inshAllah. may Allah reward you for your efforts. salams.


Anonymous said...

I am however wondering what triggered your conversion, were you always interested in Islam? Were you searching for answers? Was it a day, a person that introduced you to this faith?