Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Proof is in His Plan...

I can honestly say that I know with certainty that Allah seeks people out well before they ever know He is working in them. Alhumdulillah, lately there have been so many incredible moments that have shown me that many years ago, Allah had a plan for me. Minor things-- as I reflect on them that seem as though others could chalk them up to coincidence but I am certain could only be from Allah's unending grace. Take for example my education. I entered into a very specialized program that has required me to get a degree in linguistics. If I wasn't in this program I can guarantee that I would have NEVER majored in that field. It wasn't an area that interested me, and at times was very painful for me to try and get through. Now, as I am only months away from my graduation I have almost decided in entirety that I am not in the field that I want to work in. After many years of education I know that I am likely not going to work in the area I was trained in. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel... Lately I have been taking an Arabic class. My teacher often talks about the phonology and phonetics of the Arabic language. Where sounds are created, and how they formed within the throat and mouth.
Alhumdulillah the fact that I am a linguistic major has enabled me to learn and understand what he is explaining to me at a rate which is more rapid than I would have if I didn't have the knowledge I do. What reason, if not for assisting me in my comprehension of Arabic could this path have been taken for as I won't be working in the field my degree would enable me to enter. Alhumdulillah Allah is so good. I began my path into that career five years ago... How amazing that I can see in hindsight how Allah was pursuing me even then.
There have been numerous things like this... small occurrences that are easily overlooked and ignored. Alhumdulillah Allah opens my eyes to these things. He shows me His power and mercy everyday, and my Iman increases because of it. How blessed am I? It is true that Allah chooses whom He wills, and Alhumdulillah He chose me.

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