Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Letter to The Government Re: The Atrocity in Gaza

I have composed a letter to the Canadian Government re: Gaza. Please copy and paste it and send it to anyone of power in the Government in Canada or any country for that matter. Do not stand by believing that you are powerless or only one person. Please also send it to major media sources demanding they change their biased broadcasting. Lets stand up for those who are being oppressed.

As a Canadian Citizen, who has grown up believing that Canada is a country that works to support the peace, and liberties that it bestows upon its citizens I am writing to express my deepest anger towards the Canadian Government and the failure of politicians to adequately promote peace or put pressure on Israel towards the continual terror, loss of life, and cruel attacks they are putting on the citizens of Gaza. I demand that the government stand up for the rights of those persecuted and put an immediate end to the carnage that is occurring by a bully of a country, with unjustified means of attack.
I have read the letter the Liberal Party writes as its “Official Stance and Statement about what is occurring in Gaza, calling for a ‘Peaceful Resolution.’ I am utterly disgusted by the biased position the government has taken justifying the continual attack, and utter atrocity Israel continues towards those in Gaza by maintaining that it is “Israel's right to defend itself against such attacks, and also its right to exist in peace and security.” Such a statement not only ignores the plight of the Palestinians; as such attacks are in response to complete border lockdowns, denial of food, supply and electricity, but it is a statement by the Canadian Government that such defiance of human rights by Israel are condoned.
In the Liberal Party’s statement claiming right to “Peace and Security” it completely ignores the innocent citizens of Gaza who have been massacred by such terror, and whose dead bodies continue to pile, while those injured lay waiting for the aid, supply and support from countries like Canada, while Canada ignores such need and allows Israel to continue its murder.
Please re-look at the numbers and see that the 11 killed in Israel by Hamas’ rockets does in no way justify the carnage of nearly 700 Palestinians killed since December 27, including 150 children while almost 3000 have been injured in Israeli air strikes , blockade of aid and crossing points, and Israel’s seige on Gaza. There are rights that need to be upheld under the Geneva Conventions and International Humanitarian Law, and I expect Canada to be among those who fight for such rights. Not to mention the use of phosphorus by Israel over the Gaza region which undeniably affect citizens of innocence wherever it falls, not killing but maming and burning those who the chemical comes in contact with.
Israel has now fully invaded Gaza. Their ground troops are operating to the north, south and east of Palestine (The Australian, 6/1/09). Their atrocities are coming from air, land and sea, killing and destroying what remains of the already ruins of Palestine. Nothing is escaping this neo-Nazi rampage. Israel’s war is so shocking that they are prohibiting any reporters from entering the country. They are not even allowing any humanitarian aid to reach Gaza.
I demand the Canadian government to condem Israel’s horrific massacre and to insist on Israel to lift its 18-month long blockade off the 1.5 million Palestinians who have been left without basic human needs including water, electricity and food. Moreover I demand the Canadain government take serious measures in helping the oppressed and innocent people of Palestine by putting an end to this inhumane butchery. We believe the Canadian government has the means to join the rest of the world in exerting pressure on Israel real enough that it is actually paid heed to by the Israeli government. Peace needs to be restored and it needs to be restored now!

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