Saturday, January 17, 2009

Occupation 101

This is quite possibly one of the most powerful and best documentaries I have watched recently. My good friend sent me the following information and link. Please, if you care about truth watch it--- each part is just a mere 8 minutes long, watch them at once or in between other tasks during your day.

-The documentary film is entitled "occupation 101". it was made in 2006 by sufyan and abdallah omeish. i think they are originally from the US. they travelled to palestine in 2000 and ended up chronicling the occupation.

the film traces the legal history of the occupation. it also depicts the nature of the occupation, namely, what it is and how it works. further, it displays the reality of the daily lives of palestenians who at every minute are subject to the deranged zionist regime. it also talks about the role of the US. while we ourselves don't need to be persuaded about the atrocities taking place, i think it is an excellent film for you to pass on to those who are uninformed about the situation.

here is a youtube link to the film: - this is part 1. there are 11 parts. you don't even have to go to the video store and it is only an hour and a half. i urge you to circulate this film among people that you know, and to ask them to do the same. if applicable, host screenings at your university, send it to your colleagues, post it on your blogs, facebooks, myspaces, msn messengers, etc.

here is some information about the brothers who made it: Sufyan Omeish quit a secure corporate job in New York to join his brother in making "Occupation 101". For four years, they worked on the film, pausing each time they ran out of funding to perform side jobs to pay the rent. "It was stressful," says Omeish. "We started living month-to-month. Yet when we looked at the footage we knew what we were going through was nowhere near what the Palestinians were going through. That gave us the inspiration to continue."

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