Thursday, January 29, 2009

Speaking Out Against Israel while the World Watches and Israel is Present.

As some of you may know the World Economic Forum has been taking place in Davos over the last couple of days. However, for those in the West, what you have likely not seen, or at least in full and in fact were the passionate and brave comments made by the Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the President Shimon Peres of Israel in a rebuttal to his address at the forum. The preceeding minutes are equally important to mention, as it should be noted that Peres said that Pres. Mubarak of Egypt knew the situation better than Erdogan and that Peres has respect for Mubarak. Hmmm.... what does that say about the political interests of Egypt. That Peres, would comment on a good relationship. The same was also said about Abbas.)
Having watched the forum on tv here in Turkey, and the following brief made by PM Erdogan, I wanted to be sure that everyone heard what was said, and under what circumstances, being that I have not been able to find it in the Western press.

The forum, which for the most part was speaking about the recent attack that has taken place in Gaza, and the need for financial aid to rebuild, saw an international panel. However, the PM of Turkey and the Arab Union were both allowed only 12 minutes to speak while the president of Israel, Shimon Peres was given 25 minutes to speak. During which Peres made direct comments to Erdogan, rasing his voice, and calling those of Palestine (Hamas) terrorists.

Erdogan, upset at the lack of moderation by the disproportionate division of time alloted for speakers, and the allowance of Peres to raise his voice in a manner not befitting such a forum, left the forum, but not before responding to the remarks of Peres.

Thus this blog entry somewhat ties into my most recent one while I applaude the comments of Erdogan for being one leader who will stand up against the bully Peres and his illegitamate country, not only on a personal or government level, but at an international forum. Comments are now being made about the potential for regional conflict for Turkey with Israel, a repurcussion that Erdogan would have been aware of, but truth was more important as Erdogan pointed out when he called Peres a liar in front of the world.

My husband and I have attempted to translate the rebuttal comments made by Erdogan-- May Allah reward him, and unify our ummah to stand behind him, stand against Peres and Israel, and work towards change. We would like to translate the initial address made by both individuals, but it is 12 minutes for Erdogan and 24 minutes for Peres, and unfortunately is a lot of work right now, however inshallah the rebutal comments are correct.

(The following is in response to Peres' comments--

Erdogan- "Your voice has been raised too a volume too high. I know that the reason your voice has been raised to such a volume is because of the natural psychology of a guilty conscience. My voice will not be raised to such a volume. When it comes to killing, you know very well how to kill. We know how you target and killed children on the beaches of Gaza. There have been two of your previous Prime Ministers who have said something of great significance to me: 'When they enter into Palestine riding in their tanks, they feel so happy. When they go into tanks and enter Palestine, they feel so happy.' And while you give me numbers, I can give you names. I am sure that there are those among us who are curious. And also I am condeming the one who is clapping in support for such inhumanity. Because whoever applaudes for people who are killing children and people of innocence, then that applause is likewise a crime against humanity. I cannot brush the truth aside. I have made so many notes in response to what you have said, however I have not been alloted the time to respond. However I am just going to say two things."

Moderator- "Excuse me Prime MInister, we cannot start the debate again." (And with his hand he physically touches him trying to restrain his dialogue, something not common to an internation forum.)

Erdogan-" Excuse me"

M- "We just dont have time."

E- "Dont cut my words

M- "With apologies, we really need to get to dinner."

E- "The Torah says in its sixth commandment, 'Do Not Kill', yet there is killing. And there is something very interesting. Diraet Asimoni, who himself is Jewish, says: 'The barbarity of Israel goes beyond bestiality.' The Oxford University Internation Relations Professor who served in the Israeli army, Ali Shalam, says in the British newspaper The Guardian...

M- (Places his hand on th shoulder of Erdogan trying to prevent him from continuing to speak.)Prime Minister I am going to have to ask you stop.

E- Thank you, thank you, thank you (directed to the moderator). Davos is over for me as you have allowed 24 minutes for Peres to speak, while only given 12 to me. And you are trying to cut me off while I am speaking. (He gets up to leave)

M- Let me turn this over to our host...

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